"Florence… the experience of becoming a mother in exile"

Cover of Florence DVD
This is a short documentary film made by Anna Gaudion towards an MA in Refugee Studies at The University of East London. It was made as part of a collaborative project between Helen Murshali, Health Policy Advisor at the Refugee Council and Claire Homeyard a Consultant Midwife. It is aimed at practicing midwives and policy advisors.

Central to the film are the accounts from women of why they sought
asylum in the UK. One mother, a teenager from the Democratic
Republic of Congo with twin boys discusses, through an interpreter,
her experience of becoming a mother. The aim of the film is to give
these women a voice and to provide a forum where they can be

Parallel to these stories, Claire Homeyard liaises with a number of
professionals to clarify issues around need and access to service.
The film concludes with a short analysis of the possible
consequences of the changing entitlement of failed asylum seekers
to access health care.